Poster for Catherine of Eyam

The Boundstone Chorus will perform "Catherine of Eyam" in the church on Saturday 11 June at 7.30 pm.

The Chorus will lead an inter-generational community performance of “Catherine of Eyam”, originally created twenty years ago at Boundstone Community College by Tom Brown and Aedan Kerney but now being revived and rewritten as a community musical.

The musical traces the fortunes of Eyam in Derbyshire. Plague came to Eyam in some cloth from London and the village responded by choosing the radical solution of settling the differences which had broken the village during the Civil War, uniting to enforce a quarantine to stop the plague spreading to the surrounding area, changing their whole life-style and following the inspirational leadership of Rector’s wife Catherine Mompesson who herself was one of the final victims of the plague. 

Tickets priced Centre £10, Sides £6, Under 16 £3 are available by emailing or telephoning 01903 762793 (please leave a message).